What is it Molly, What have you found?

Juliana Horatia Ewing, Week spent in a glass pond, Ill. R. André, Londres, Wells Gardner, Darton & Co., 1882.

…the mask. Yoy know his face is so ugly nothing would come near him if he didn(t wear a mask. Then he life it up and snaps suddenly : he really does eat eveything! »
« Well, I can’t help it. I must have him. I want to see him hatch; and I shall plant a bullrush for him to climb up ».
« I found a caddis-worm, with a beautiful built house, in the roots of the water-soldier, and I’m going to look the edge for some shells. We must have shell-fish, you know, to keep the aquarium clean. Oh! »
« What is it Molly, What have you found? »