The Diary of a Naturalist

George Roberts, Topography and Natural History of Lofthouse and its neighbourhood with the Diary of a Naturalist and Rural Notes, Londres, David Bogue, 1882, p. 167.

The animal (Lymnea peregra) is eaten by caddis worms, and probably attacked by them when alive. I have observed large numbers of empty shells lying at the bottom of ponds. I once saw three or four caddis worms busily feeding with their heads in the mouth of a shell. I reached shell upon from the bottom, and one of the caddis worms came along with it. Since then i have noticed these insects attack snails in the aquarium. One that I had, killed a Physa fontanalis and repeatedly attacked the hard shell of a limpet.This caddis worm was not of the same sort which I noticed in the pond. Those in the pond always moved about within their tube; this one constructed for itself a tenement, which formed a longitudinal half of a tube, and attache dit to the glass. In this dent it lived, but was always on the watch at one end for prey. It never left its house above an ich or two, but watched till something crept near it.