Will you please tell us what these things are?

Clifton F. Hodge, Nature Study and Life, Boston, Ginn & Co., 1902, p. 258.

« Will you please tell us what these things are ? Teacher does n’t know nor any one else in our school. They are Alive. » The speaker was one of a half-dozen boys ; he had a tin can in one hand and held out some small objects in the other. Those are caddis fly worms », I answered. « What do they cat ? » was his next question. I told him that they fed upon water plants, and said that More than 150 different kinds of caddis flies have been described for North america. Most of them are vegetable feeders and build cases of tough silk, with all sorts of materials,- grains of sand, small stones, bits of wood, pine needles, snail shells, etc., – woven into their walls ; so that their occupants are pretty well protected from predaceous insects and even from fishes.