Louis Rhead, Fisherman’s Lures and Game-Fish Food, Ill. de l’auteur, New York, Charles Scribner’s, 1920, p. 47-48.

All fly-fishermen are familiar with the case or caddis-worm creeper that lies on the river bed or clings to large boulders, sometimes in swarms. They have, like myself perhaps, picked ou the worm from the case to try these live wrigglers for trout with more or less success…/…

Caddis-flies are classed under the general head of « Duns » (trichoptera), which includes a large variety that may be placed in two well-defined familes. The first consists of those larvae which make portable cases which they drag around with them wherever they go, of which the insect I name « Cinnamon », in Trout Strean Insects, is one of the largest species, and is here illustrated.