A wide variety of materials

Richard MorseLife in Pond and Stream, Ill Ennion E.A.R. Chameleon Books n° 23, Londres, Oxford University Press, 1945, pp. 60-61.

The best-know tailors of our ponds and streams, however are not the caterpillars, but the little creatures known as CADDIS-WORMS. These are the grubs, or larvae of the caddis-flies, and to find them you will usually have to hunt beneath the surface. In clear, shallow streams you can often seen them crawling about on the bottom, each in its own special suit. Several are shown in the illustration.

Caddis suits are made of a wide variety of materials, the caddis-worm’s own silk being used to hold these materials together. Some of the larvae, like the china mark caterpillars, choose pieces of leaf, while others choose pieces of stem, or little twigs. Others, again, choose tiny stones or grains of sand, and some even use snails shells-often with the snails still living Inside them. Caddis-worms are among the most fascinating tenants of a small aquarium, for there you can actually watch them ar their tailoring work.