Henry David Thoreau, Journal , vol. 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 20, Boston, Houghtonn Mifflin & Company, 1905.

Caddis-worms were everywhere crawling about in their handsome quiver-like sheaths or cases.
Vol. 8, 1850, p. 108.

I find caddis-case with worm in Second Division Brook. And what mean those little piles of yellow sand on dark-colored stones at the bottom of the swift-running water, kept together and in place by some kind of gluten and looking as if sprinkled on the stones, one eighteenth of an inch in diameter ? These caddis-worms just build a little case around themselves, and sometimes attach a few dead leave to disguise it, and then fasten it( ?) slightly to some swaying grass stem or blade at the bottom in swift water, and these are their quarters till next spring.
Vol. 10, 1852, p.393.

While collecting caddis-worms of which there are many, whose cases are made of littles pieces of weeds piled about them like well-stones.
Vol. 10, 1852, p.408.

I see, on the sandy bottom a fex inches beneath the white cases of caddis-worms made of the white quartz sand or pebbles.
Vol. 10, 1853, p. 451.

The ripple-marks on the sandy bottom, where silver spangles shine in the river with black wrecks of caddis-cases lodged undereach shelving sand the shadows of the invisible dimples.
Vol. 11,1853, p.13.

The lower translucent, waved leaves of the potamogeton are covered with a sort of very minute black caddis-case.
Vol. 11, 1853, p. 301.

In the wreck I find also the common little trumpet-shaped cokle, and some caddis-worms out of their cases.
Vol 11, 1853, p. 511.

One shell has apparently a little caddis-case of iron-colored sand on it.
Vol. 13, 1855, p.214.

I saw a hundred caddis-cases of light-colored pebbles, at the bottom, and a dozen or twenty crawled half-way up the side of the tub, apparently on their way out to become perfect insects.
Vol. 14, 1856, p. 415.

These is also, floating in little masses, a small ranunculus-like plant, flattish-stemmed with small forks, some of it made into minute caddis-cases.
Vol. 20, 1860, p. 68.