In a thick woolen bag

Robert Venables, The Experienced Angler: or , Angling improved: imparting many of the aptest ways and choicest experiments for the taking most sorts of fish in pond or river, Londres, S. Prowett and T. Gosden, (1662), 1825, p.38.

Cad-bait cannot endure the wind and cold, therefore keep them in a thick woollen bag, with some gravel amongst them: wet them once a day, at least, if in the house, but often in the hot weather: when you carry them forth, fill the bag full of water, them hold the mouth close, that they drop not out, and so let the water run from them; I have thus kept them three weeks, or you may putt hem onto an earthern pot full of water, with some gravel at the bottom, and take them forth into your bag as you use them.