If observed attentively will all appear to be animated

Thomas Williamson, The Complete anglers vade-mecum being a pefect code of instruction on the above pleasing science, Londres,  Thomas Gosden, 1825, p. 56.

Cadbates, or Caddies. _ These are very fine baits for almost every kind of fish. The angler must have seen in shallow places, chiefly on stony or slimy bottoms, short pieces of stick, or of straw, &. Which, if observed attentively, will all appear to be animated. Generally, they consist of a short piece of straw, coated over with a brown crust, and fixed to a small piece of twig. Within the tube of straw is a magot, of a dun colour, with a dark head, which it protudes from under its little dwelling, and, by means of four short stiff legs, fixed close under its neck, is enable to crawl about the bottom, carrying, like the snail, its house on its back.